The Universi-Tea Program

  • 12 Month Tea Specialist Certification Program
  • LIVE Teachings Every Week
  • Get FULL access to ALL the Sipping Streams classes and all our insider tea company training!
  • 24/7 access to all the trainings and teachings from Sipping Streams
  • Monthly virtual health, wellness, and tea seminars with special experts.
  • Participate in Exclusive Virtual Events


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Check out what some of the classes that are included in the Universi-Tea Program


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  • 4 Different Teas Every Month (Makes up to 160 cups)


We each live once a week

We will cover the health benefits, recipes, and more each tea! 


The Essence of Tea Course

The Essential Immune Boosting Workshop

Matcha Madness

Kombucha Culture

All videos tea processing, tea manufacturing and more

Participate in Exclusive Virtual Events

Cooking Classes

Tea Cocktail Nights

Virtual Tea Parties

Tea Shopping Sprees and Exclusive Discounts

Tea Ambassador Perks

10% back on all online purchases

10% off all in-store purchases

10% commission on all affiliate link sales

Teachings and trainings on how to make money on social media with tea referrals

4 Different Teas Every Month!

Makes up to 160 cups!

If you're a tea fan, this is for you! This also is enough tea to share with your friends and family.

Includes rare teas that are worth up to $30/oz!

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12 small payments of $250/month

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***As an added BONUS - Sign up by January 1, 2021 and get a BONUS full Chinese Tea Ceremony Set!

What others are saying

The Sipping Streams Universi- tea is an amazing experience! I have not been a member for very long, however I have already reaped huge benefits from it. Not only do I receive four items each month to make tea with, I also get Jenny once a week to teach me about an item in the box, how to use it for tea as well as other uses it may have. Along with the teas I have access to ALL of her classes that she has offered, all her videos, all her recipes, advice from her as well as everyone else enrolled in the Universi- tea. I have tried teas I normally wouldn't have chosen. Liked some and didn't like others but, I had the opportunity to try them.

She has included exclusive rare teas, gifted to her from tea companies, rare tea from her own collection along with personal instructions on how to brew them. I have been able to take her kombucha class, matcha class, tea quizzes that she uses to educate her staff and the list goes on and on. If your desire is for educating yourself on the whole benefit of tea in your life then joining the Universi-tea is just for you! I have been able to share specific products with people as well as a personal link for them to shop through. With this link I get a commission from their sales. If I go into the shop I can get 10% off of my purchase. I am very excited to see what the rest of the year holds each month.

~Emily C

I'm not a coffee person. Tea has been my go-to for relaxation, calming, healing. Like Jenny, I also drink tea to help increase my water intake. I enjoy learning about tea. The history, how to use it other than drinking, and the health benefits. Jenny does an amazing job informing on all three levels.

The Universi-Tea Program has made tea more fun and enjoyable. Not knowing which teas you get that month is a fun surprise. It's a great way to try new teas without having to buy the entire canister.

I've received teas I know I have tried and love, ones I feel in love with, and ones that were just okay. I've also mixed different teas together to play around with flavors.

The early access to new items at Sipping Streams is a fun perk. I enjoy interacting with others about different ideas or ways to use the teas we received in our boxes. I don't subscribe to many things but really enjoy my monthly tea box and community. Thanks Jenny!!!


After attending the 5 Days of Tea in 2019, I was ready for a tea adventure, so I signed up for the Sipping Streams Universi-Tea program. It was a great joy when the boxes arrived, as I got so many interesting teas, broadening my palate and letting me explore the wide variety of tastes that are tea. From black tea I knew, such as Earl Grey and Darjeeling, through oolong, green and white teas, the different types were an experience. I was delighted to try out some pu'erh tea, which I had not tried before, as well as many types of my favorite tea, green, both as straight teas and with additions such as the roasted rice and popcorn in Genmaicha.

If you are ready to explore a world of teas, in more flavors and colors than you may have ever know existed, you will want to sign up for the Sipping Stream Universi-Tea program:


Just wanted to share my experience as Sipping Streams Universi-Tea member -- After attending one of the online tea workshops this spring, I decided to try the Universi-Tea Program. I've loved the variety of teas every month. They're often ones I would never have picked up in-store, not knowing what they were or how to brew them properly. The videos Jenny shared were helpful in understanding how to brew the tea and specific health-related benefits from each. The recipe ideas and extra items for special recipes were certainly a bonus! Highly recommend if you want to break out of a tea bubble and find new favorites.

~Laura L