Tea Journey 2018

How Tea Can Help Aid Your Health, Improve Your Lifestyle, & Bring Together Communities.


Please leave a review, it would mean so much me. It would been so meaningful to have someone like you come on this journey with me and be apart of the transforming people's lives.


Thank you Jenny for all the information and presenting in such an honest, open way. It was like sitting across the table from you while talking to a friend. 

- Christine Young, Heart Healthy Tea Challenge Participant

Jenny has taught me quite a lot especially about steeping and temperatures. I have loved tea for years but now see it as even more important and its preparation as almost an art form. I love Jenny's enthusiasm and greatly appreciate all her efforts in bringing information and great tea to us.

- Hyte Smith

Jenny Tse thank you for sharing your tea knowledge. Jenny thank you for sharing your heritage. Jenny thank you for sharing your culture. Jenny thank you for sharing your passions. Jenny thank you for sharing your TIME. 

- Jeannine Santora

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