Boost Your Immune System and Develop Your Wellness Plan

Our 5-day Essential Immune Boosting Tea Workshop overflow event will teach you the natural holistic way to boost your immune system and take serious steps to stay healthy and develop your self-care and wellness.

Spend time recharging your body with through tea, be at peace with a healthy mindset, and improve your immune system with amazing teas. Whether you are a total newbie to tea or a connoisseur, we have what you're looking for!

Join the Free Workshop is over, but you can join our
5 Days of Tea Transformational Challenge HERE
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"...I took this 5 day course on how tea can boost your immune system. Jenny Tse is a great teacher who has very good, vivid, understandable explanations of complicated processes and interactions. I learned a lot and am glad that I took notes because there was so much good information given. If you get a chance to stop by her side and talk with her, I would highly recommend it. She is a wealth of knowledge! Thank you so much for this workshop Jenny! It was much appreciated!!" -- Emily Crook

"I really enjoyed the 5 day tea course by Sipping Streams Tea. Jenny shared a lot of wisdom she had learned on her tea journey. Some of the topics covered were tea brewing and storage, the origin, the benefits of teas, blending etc. I've taken other courses before but she is the most unique and applicable so far." -- Olesja Ossipenko

Who is Sipping Streams Tea Company?

Sipping Streams Tea Company is an 11 time international award winning tea company founded in Fairbanks, Alaska. Jenny Tse, owner and founder, is a certified tea specialist with the Specialty Tea Institute with previous careers in Sports Medicine and Education. Her hand blends and teas have won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the North American Tea Championships. Sipping Streams Tea Company was featured in the Tea Almanac of Fresh Cup Magazine, Edible Alaska, NPR, and Tse has spoken at the World Tea Expo, and won 1st place for the Top Tea Infusionist Competition at the World Tea Expo 2011.

"We believe in the best quality of life for our mind, body, and soul. And encourage a community of diverse culture and age where people can come together and grow to know who they are."

–Jenny Tse, Owner